Welcome to CES South Africa (Pty) Ltd

For tailor-made Carbon & Energy Solutions that turn challenges into opportunities

Our mission is to assist our clients along their journey of adapting their business-strategies to a low carbon and resources-efficient economy. We acknowledge the importance of precisely understanding our clients’ businesses, including their processes, missions and strategies. We believe this to be essential for delivering seamless solutions for our clients’ individual business-needs. 

CES believes in responsible business practice, leaving valuable legacy for future generations. This is why CES offers its services at affordable prices to companies who feel the same. Together with our clients we can accelerate the transition to a sustainable world.


Silvana Claassen

Founder and Director of CES

c: +27 (0) 78 097 0852

e: silvana@carbon-energy-solutions.co.za


Justine Bolton

Director of Bright Green Solutions

c: +27 (0) 72 606 9309e: justine@bright-green-solutions.co.za

CES' founder, Silvana Claassen, has been an environmental consultant since 2006, focusing on sustainability and waste and working for both industry and governmental institutions across Europe and Africa. 

In 2011, she continued her career in Africa whilst specializing in climate change and energy. As an auditor at a UNFCCC accredited Designated Operational Entity (DOE), Silvana performed validation and verification activities for (potential) CDM-, VCS-, and Gold Standard- projects.  

As a carbon consultant, at an advisory firm in Sandton, Silvana provided strategic advice related to an array of matters on carbon- and energy-management. Her clients included Small- and Medium- Enterprises as well as major international corporations, predominantly in the manufacturing, mining and waste sectors. 

At the beginning of 2016, Silvana established her own consultancy, CES South Africa (Pty) Ltd, offering tailor-made solutions to businesses that want to: cut costs related to energy consumption as well as their environmental footprint; remain compliant with an ever increasing number of regulatory requirements; and that want to reap opportunities from challenges imposed by climate change.  

Silvana works in close cooperation with Justine Bolton; director of Bright Green Solutions (Pty) Ltd (BGS). Both companies are based in Johannesburg and are B-BBEE compliant. 

Through this collaboration, CES and BGS are able to offer integrated solutions on the interconnected topics: carbon, energy, sustainability and corporate social responsibility, with a combined objective to assist companies dealing with ever increasing outside pressures on these subjects including:  

  • more stringent regulations
  • increasing constraints on resources
  • reputation management
  • reporting requirements including sustainability and CDP reporting
  • cost cutting and operational efficiency demands
  • improved social and environmental performance

Through their multidisciplinary-based experience and knowledge, CES & BGS support companies and organizations to continue to concentrate on their core activities in order to retain competitiveness whilst not compromising on reputation and compliance obligations.

For more information on our capabilities and experience please contact us at enquiries@carbon-energy-solutions.co.za or at info@bright-green-solutions.com or click here.